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Who Can You Serve?

Clarksville, Tennessee is growing at an exponential rate. With that growth comes an increase in low income, homelessness and food insecurity. So the question is who can you serve? It’s a direct and powerfully invasive question but an absolute necessity.

Ideas for you to consider:

  • Donate your time.

  • Cleaning a gardening plot

  • Organize donated items

  • Provide tutoring services to adults and/or children

  • Donate your money.

  • Host a table at the Blooming Benefit Auction

  • Encourage your friends to attend the benefit

  • Partner with Flourishing Families help families become independent

  • Donate your expertise.

  • Assist with debt counseling

  • Assist with career building skills

  • Join a growing group of counselors

What is the greatest resource we have at Flourishing Families? YOU ARE. You have skills, enthusiasm, drive, intelligence and a nature leadership that others gravitate toward. We need you to put all of these talents into action. Will you serve in your community?

Theresa Milton

Contributing Writer

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