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Creating Second Chances

The Second Chance Program creates a thorough and individualized program for families and individuals with specific needs. The program includes various services like career development and child care.  We do not assist with


Career Development
  • Assist individuals in career building skills

  • Assist individuals in career preparation and resume perfection

  • Provide classes for leadership and job performance

  • Assist individuals on continuing education

  • Ensure employment opportunities are Equal Opportunities

  • Provide ongoing evaluations of process, risks, goals, and outcomes

  • Provide immediate shelter for homeless along with food, clothing, and a sanitation facility.

  • Collaborate with other organizations that provide permanent supportive housing for low-income families, if necessary or us affordable housing that Flourishing Families owns.

  • Provide an emergency fund for clothing, food, sanitation purposes and rental assistance.

  • Train service providers on shelter laws and permanent supportive housing relations.

  • Please see housing program SOP for further information, or apply to our transitional house for immediate needs by clicking this link. Transitional House!

Financial Development
  • Inform clients on how to be financially stable

  • Educate clients financial systems

  • Resolve debt issues with clients through communications with institutions

  • Provide a private and case sensitive environment.

  • Provide a concept for individuals on how to manage money

  • Identify all existing funding sources while developing new funding initiatives to finance the financial department.

  • Provide profession counseling in the following areas:

    • Drug Abuse

    • Alcohol Abuse

    • Domestic Abuse

    • Family

    • Child(ren)

    • Individual

    • Group

  •  Work with other organizations, and professionals to accomplish tasks and goals

  • Accept referrals from other organizations for assistance

  • Provide effective feedback to clients about progress and how it will be effective for their lives

Fit Families
  • This program will kick-off on January 20th, 2018

  • The purpose of this program is to increase the health and wellness of all families and individuals. 

  • This program is open to all people, regardless of income

  • Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, boost your health and have fun. 

  • Exercise releases endorphins, a natural pick-me-up, in your brain. It also releases frustrations and anger, while helping make you stronger and more confident for job interviews.

Child Care
  • To provide an education to our youth before becoming school age

  • Provide tutoring and continual education to our school age children

  • Provide a safe and fun environment that children enjoy coming to and participating in.

  • Provide effective feedback to parents and work with parents for effective outcomes.

  • Create a nourishing atmosphere for children to feel welcome.

  • Provide low rates for all families to afford as part of the economic stability process.

Hours: Appointments are held on Tuesday at 7PM or as Scheduled

Moving into Rapid Rehousing? 

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